Waxing Services


Our Therapists are well-trained with many hours of in-salon experience, to ensure all of our waxing is performed to the same high quality standard.

Before Waxing:

  • Exfoliate while it is recommended that you exfoliate your body regularly pre-wax exfoliation should be done 24 – 48 hours before waxing or add on from our services when you book in.
  • Shower before your appointment will open up the pores and allow the hairs to come out less painfully. Do not use moisturiser or deodorant on underarms or use any product which may cause a barrier to the wax and irritate the skin.
  • Trim – Long hair can be more painful to wax, trimming the hair in the area to be waxed is recommended; First time clients should have growth of about 1.5cm, Regular waxers can trim a little tighter; between 0.5cm and 1cm.
  • Wearing loose comfortable clothing to your appointment and for a few hours after. This will prevent irritation and allow the pores to breath.
  • Pain relief If you have a very low threshold on pain, take an over the counter painkiller 20-30 minutes before your appointment.

Waxing is not suitable for you if:

  • You have been using Retin A or Ro-Accutane within the last six months
  • You are on Roaccutane or acne medication
  • You are using anti-ageing or skin thinning products (facial waxing)
  • You are sunburnt or have been exposed to UV rays within the last 12 hours
  • You have varicose veins*
  • You are diabetic*
  • You are allergic to essential oils or latex
  • Periods some women find they are particularly sensitive in the day or two before their period. If this applies to you and it is your first treatment, try scheduling your treatment for after this time.It is not recommended to have any bikini waxing done during your period as the skin is particularly sensitive at that time.

After Care:

Things to avoid in the first 24 Hours, Your hair follicles will be open after your treatment, so it is important to avoid
The following for 24 hours after your wax:

  • Excessive perspiration and friction
  • Sauna / Steam room
  • Hot bath / Shower / Swimming
  • UV exposure
  • Fake tan / Body Lotion / Perfume
  • Tight clothing
  • Deodorant (underarms)
  • Make Up (facial waxing)

This will help to prevent bacteria getting into the pores and causing infection.

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Waxing for him and for her

We offer two different types of wax treatments to our clients, hot wax and strip wax. The type you choose will depend on your preference, the area you are having waxed and how it suits your skin.

Our therapists will be happy to discuss the options available to help you choose the most suitable for you.

The price is start from $25 depend on which part would you like to get done. Pop in or give us a call for the consultation and estimate price for free before start the session.

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