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We work our bodies hard and often take them for granted. The amount of stress your body experiences on a daily bases goes a lot deeper than the surface level symptoms you may experience. So sometimes our bodies need the chance to relax and get check in with itself. The pampering package has been designed to help exactly with this problem. A full body experience to help your body relieve some of that day to day stress and let you know how it’s feeling.


The first portion of the pampering package consists of 60-minutes relaxing massage. The massage technique used is your decision but we would recommend Swedish massage for relaxation or our signature fusion massage for relieving tension in the body. Swedish massage is very gentle and relaxing, pampering the body and allowing the mind to rest. Whereas fusion massage uses more pressure and helps relieve the body of tension, healing the muscles and relieving stress.


The second portion of the pampering package is 60-minutes of rejuvenating facial treatment. Our facial treatments help to cleanse your skin and promote blood circulation in the face. The combination of cleansing creams, scrubs and our special honey mask heals and helps rehydrate the skin whilst helping prevent wrinkles and leaves the skin feeling soft and silky smooth. This treatment is great for helping replenish the skin and remove signs of stress and fatigue.

The combination treatment of massage and facial makes sure to address stress throughout the body and relieves tensions of everyday wear and fatigue. We recommend this treatment to anyone who wants full body relief compacted into a perfect two hours of pampering.

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