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Everyone Deserves Smooth Skin

Male models do it, footballers do it. So what’s to stop all men treating themselves to a professional body wax?

Benefits of Professional Waxing

  • Less Regrowth

    After waxing your skin will remain smooth for three to four weeks, the average time that goes by between waxing appointments.

  • Less Annoying Itching and Prickliness

    When you wax, your hair will take longer to reach the surface of the skin; meaning, you feel smoother for longer.

  • Less Prone to Inflammation

    Repeated shaving can lead to chronic skin inflammation. With waxing the skin will be less exposed to repeated friction. Meaning less inflammation and even less chance of developing skin discoloration

Clean and Safe Waxing

Don’t try to wax yourself at home unless you’ve done it many times before, as you can end up with bruised skin. At Massage Me we make sure your waxing experience leaves you feeling relaxed and safe in the hands of our professional staff.

How vs Strip Waxing

  • Hot Wax Benefits

    Hot wax is ideal for use over smaller, more sensitive areas of the skin. It is perfect for any short and stubborn hair on any part of the face and body. The benefits include less ingrown hairs, less breakage and longer regrowth periods.

  • Strip Wax Benefits

    Strip wax provides a speedy application with a strong grip, no sticky residue and no skin drag. It is ideal for areas on the body with thicker and less sensitive skin. However, used on more sensitive areas, it can do more damage to your skin.

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