New Year New You

90 minutes of pampering designed to alleviate stress and prepare you for the new year.

The ultimate trio of treatments for complete body rejuvenation - now only $149.

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30 minutes gentle, exfoliating body scrub

Enjoy 30 minutes of gentle, exfoliating body scrub with Nellie Tier “May Chang” body wash. Combine sugar, salt and botanical extracts to soften your skin.

Nellie Tier

45 minutes relaxing "Lomi Lomi" body massage

45 minutes of relaxing lomi lomi body massage with coconut oil for complete relaxation and coconut goodness.

Coconut Oil

15 minutes Eastern Head Massage

Finish with 15 minutes of eastern head massage to manipulate the soft tissues in your neck, shoulder and scalp. Helping alleviate stress and prepare you for the new year.

Head Massage

New Year New You

Start the New Year on the right foot. Treat yourself to our 90 minute package and kickstart your New Year.

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