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Making Massage Me facials a regular part of your skin care regimen can help you get faster, better, longer-lasting results. Customized Facials, featuring products that encapsulate the essence of New Zealand, help reinvigorate your skin’s natural radiance.

  • Mini Facial

    Our facials help to restore new skin cells so you can always reveal that healthy younger skin. We promote natural glowing skin that stays nourished with future treatments.

    $55 | 30 minutes

  • Purifying Facial

    A deep cleansing treatment, designed to dive into those pores, clear them out gently, tone and moisturise, restoring just the right balance to your skin. This treatment take 45 minutes session.

    $75 | 45 minutes

  • Rejuvenating Facial

    A reparative treatment brimming with protective properties used to soothe and prevent redness caused by irritated skin. This treatment take 60 minutes session.

    $99 | 60 minutes

  • Massage Me Day Spa | CBD

    Suite 415, Level 4, Scene One Building 2 Beach Road, Auckland Central.

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    Tel: 09 302 0272

  • Massage Me Day Spa | Parnell

    Unit 4 /15, Nicolls Lane, Parnell Auckland Central.

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    Tel: 09 354 4904

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