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Our Policies

Massage Me Day Spa

Our COVID-19 Procedures

  1. Please wear a face mask when entering or exiting the day spa.
    • We encourage you to continue wearing your mask during your treatment as well but this isn’t compulsory.
  2. All clients have to be vaccinated and have their vaccine pass on hand for us to scan before their appointment may begin.
    • If it’s your first time with us, please bring a valid form of I.D with you as well.
  3. Our staff members are all vaccinated and wear personal protection equipment throughout their work day so as to help keep everyone safe.
  4. If you start to experience COVID-19 symptoms or are a close contact to a case, please let our team know as soon as you can so that we can reschedule your appointment.

Appointment Times

Please be sure to arrive on time for your appointments as we unfortunately may need to shorten your treatment so as to not delay the clients booked in after you. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

If it’s your first time with us, please arrive five minutes early so that you have enough time to fill out our form regarding your personal preferences before your appointment begins.

Late Policy

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of plans, so if you’re running late to your appointment please contact us to let us know that you won’t be on time and we can try our best to accommodate you. Please note that in some cases when you arrive late, we may not be able to offer you the full length of your treatment, however you will still be charged the normal retail price of the treatment booked.

Cancellations or Changes

We do our best to accommodate any changes you may need to make, however please give us 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment so as to avoid a cancellation fee of half the cost of your service booked. If no notice is provided, you will be charged a late cancellation fee of the full cost of the treatment booked.


If you wish to reschedule your appointment on the day for a later time, no late cancellation fee will be charged, presuming we are able to find a time in our schedule that is suitable and available. However, if you want to reschedule your appointment for another week, you may be charged a late cancellation fee of half the cost of the treatment you had booked.


Refunds are not offered on any services that have been completed, as well as with packages or gift certificates that have been purchased. However, you can have gift certificates and packages credited on your account for later use or have them transferred to another person.


Although we make every effort to ensure you have a great experience when you come to one of our spas, please let one of our friendly team know if you have any problems so that we can work together to fix the issue. You can also get in touch with us via email if preferred.

Public Holidays

There’s a 15% surcharge on public holidays which helps to go some way towards offsetting the extra expense incurred when we are open on these days.

Right to Refuse Treatment

We strive to treat all of our clients with respect and we expect our staff to be treated in the same manner. If our staff are treated inappropriately, we reserve the right to refuse service, or not complete a service. In these instances, we will not provide any refunds.

Spa Services

Customer service and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. While we do not offer refunds on services that have been completed, if you’re dissatisfied with your experience, please let one of our team know at reception when checking out.

Our biggest priority is that all clients leave the spa having had a treatment that was provided correctly and professionally. With the approval from spa management, you may be able to receive a complimentary service so that we can make up for any unsatisfying services and ensure you leave with a great experience.

Terms & Conditions For Our Gift Cards

  1. We do not offer refunds for any gift cards purchased nor redeem them for cash.
  2. Any gift cards that were sold at a discounted price cannot be used together with any other discounts or promotions offered.
    • They also cannot be used for product purchases.
  3. Gift cards bought at a discounted price are not accepted as payment for services booked for groups of three or more clients, however for these bookings they may still be used at the value of their purchase price.
  4. Gift certificates bought during Gift Certificate Promotional Sales will expire at a certain date specified on the certificate, after expiration they may only be used at the value they were purchased.
  5. We do not include gratuities in the purchase price (generally 10-15%).
  6. Per our menu of services, we will charge any extras to spa services at their normal retail price.

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