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Ann P

Ann P

Ann joined our team a year and a half ago and has been working hard ever since. Learning the art of massage is a long journey but she has been tackling it head-on since the first day she joined.

When did you start your journey with massage?

‘I started learning massage a year and a half ago when I first joined the team at Massage Me.’

What first interested you about massage?

‘What drew me to massage was the opportunity to learn something new. It’s given me the chance to acquire new skills and improve upon those I already had.’

What is your favourite massage technique?

‘When I get a massage, I prefer a technique that uses a lot of pressure. It really helps relieve all the tension in my body. That’s why my favourite type of massage is deep tissue. Deep tissue massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface. Using strong, high-pressure techniques it helps relieve built-up stress in these muscles.’

What do you like about working at Massage Me?

‘Being able to work at Massage Me has been a great opportunity, it’s given me the chance to learn and flourish. The whole experience has been new for me and I’m happy to be here.’

What massage technique do you most recommend to your customers?

‘My favourite massage technique would have to be Swedish massage because it’s not too demanding. It allows me to focus on good technique throughout the massage without having to worry about getting tired.’

What massage training have you received?

‘My current training has included many techniques. Mainly:

  • Fusion
  • Thai massage
  • Deep tissue
  • Effleurage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hot stone
  • Swedish massage

But I try to learn as much as possible during my work. The more techniques I can master the more I can meet the needs of my customers.’