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The Massage Me Team

  • Ann P

    Ann is a spa therapist from Auckland with a rich and cheerful personality that will put you at ease during your massage. Proficient in Swedish massage, her technique will leave you feeling relaxed and at your best.

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  • Ersa D

    Ersa is a young therapist from Bali who joined our team in April 2019. Highly motivated and passionate, she always likes to learn more about her work. Her favourite massage is Balinese for two reasons: it is soft, relaxing, and it is the one she has practised the most.

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  • Kate N

    Kate's journey with massage started with her massaging her mother to relieve her pain after a long day of work. Wanting to learn more so she could help her as best as she could. Eventually, she learnt that she could help more people. These days she has made it her profession and always tries to give her best to help our clients.

  • Natalie V

    Natalie enjoys working with customers and helping them to relieve their pain with massage. She has been practising massage for over 20 years and even after all that time, she still likes to learn more about massage in order to always give it her best.

  • Nicki P

    Nicki is a spa therapist from Thailand, had been trained with techniques of Fusion, Thai massage, Deep tissue, effleurage, Aromatherapy, Hot stone and Swedish massage. Nicki has a nice smile and cheerful personality that will put you at ease while attaining the results you desire.

  • Yim R

    Yim has been educated as a professional spa therapist in Australia. During her journey, she has acquired many techniques that have made her an outstanding masseuse. She likes to combine several techniques in order to best meet the client's needs.

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