Massage Selection

Choose Your Massage Type

Many of our customers – new and regular – don’t tell us much more than, “harder please” or “not too hard please”, then leave it to their therapist to use the technique that seems to fit their body that day.


Effleurage (Relaxing)

  • Uses light pressure and gentle movements
  • Helps with stress and promotes a peaceful mind set
  • Perfect to help wind down after a busy day


Oriental Foot Massage

  • Improved circulation, especially in feet and legs
  • Improved lymphatic drainage
  • Increased flexibility of feet and joints


Hot Stone Massage

  • Increase body circulation and assist the immune function
  • Relieve pain associated with a number of conditions
  • Deep relief of muscle aches and tensions


Deep Tissue

  • Improve emotional health
  • Increase body motion
  • Release muscle tension


Herbal Hot Compress

  • Benefits to muscle and respiratory complaints
  • Relief of stress, anxiety, and fatigue
  • Treating sore muscles, sprains, and bruises


Pressure point massage

  • Produce involuntary movements
  • Temporarily immobilize the target
  • To control systemic blood pressure


Pregnancy Massage

  • Has been found to reduce stress
  • Relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints
  • Reduce anxiety and depression.


Classic Swedish Massage

  • Relax individual muscles and eliminates mental stress
  • Help manage the chronic pain
  • Drains metabolic waste from the limbs of the body


Eastern Head Massage

  • Clear blockages in the body
  • Eliminate negative energy and feels better afterwards
  • Reduce insumnia,chronic headaches,migraines and sinusitis



  • Alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials
  • Enhance psychological and physical well-being
  • Help with stress and to promote relaxation


Thai Massage

  • Clear blockages in the body
  • Eliminate negative energy and feels better afterwards
  • Reduce insumnia,chronic headaches,migraines and sinusitis.


Lomi Lomi Massage

  • Improved circulation and immune response
  • Increased range of motion and flexibility
  • Improved posture, faster healing, slower heart rate and lower blood pressure


Balinese Massage

  • Bring a release to deeply tense and knotted muscles.
  • The massage works especially well on achy joints and muscle strains, and it is often recommended after sports injuries.
  • It has been reported to ease migraines, sleep disorders, and breathing problems.


Four Hands Massage

  • Receive a massage by two therapists simultaneously
  • Saving your time
  • Consequently achieving a more effective therapeutic result

Signature Massage (Fusion)

  • The best of Eastern, Western and local techniques
  • Treat tension or painful areas and you get to relax
  • Your therapists’ intuition responding to your body’s needs

Here’s 3 ways you can improve your health, and feel great …

  • Regular massage reduces the negative health impacts of a busy stressful lifestyle
  • At Massage Me Day Spa Auckland, you get top service, stylish and hygienic facilities, friendly and experienced staff – at realistic win/win prics that mean you can keep coming back.
  • The blissful state of mind achievd is similar to that experienced during meditation, and leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed physically and mentally.