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You can find all of our prices by clicking on the drop-down lists below in the Select services to book section.

You can easily book your own appointment, and choose the treatment, time and therapist that suit you.

*The price is exclude 15 % Surcharge on NZ public holiday

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How to book online:

  • Click the drop down list of our Services Menu to see which type of Massage, Facials treatment, Sauna or Spa package that suits your time and needs.
  • Click Massage Session to suit your budget. If you curious of any type of massage or services click “Learn More” fromMassage Selection menu.
  • Ready to make an appointment? Click “Bookings” then select the services that you like then click “Next“. Choose the therapist, date and time.
  • Input your details and accept our cancellation policy.
  • You will receive a confirmation email or text within a few minutes, and another message on the morning of your appointment.

We looking forward to seeing you soon.

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