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Relieving Tension Headaches

posted on:
October 05, 2020

Woman with a tension headache.

Regular massages can help ease the pressure associated with migraines and tension-related headaches.

Headaches—regardless of how excruciating they are—are usually not given the necessary treatment they deserve. Most people remain unaware of the different therapies available.

Millions of people suffer from headaches every day. Massage offers a natural and long-lasting remedy to the problem—especially headaches rising from migraines and tension. Massage can have a proactive role and can be a regular treatment for everyday headaches.

In a proactive role, massage treatments are performed regularly to help the body maintain an optimal level of relaxation and stress-relief. This approach reduces the number of migraine attacks and tension headaches significantly by relaxing muscle spasms and trigger points.

In a passive role, massage is done to ease the pressure brought on during a migraine or tension related headache. By focusing on the neck, shoulders, and head; massage can decrease the amount of pain and discomfort brought on by migraine or tension headaches.

The results of a recent study show that massage therapy recipients exhibited fewer migraines and better quality sleep during the weeks they received the massage—and the three weeks following—than the participants who did not receive massage therapy.

Another study showed how massage therapy was able to reduce the occurrence of headaches and provide relief from sleep disturbances and distress symptoms in adults who suffered from migraine headaches. In addition to these benefits, massage therapy also boosts serotonin levels in the body.

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