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Natalie V

Natalie enjoys working with customers and helping with pain relief through massage. She has been practising massage for over 10 years and even after all that time, she still likes to learn more about massage in order to always give it her best.

When did you start your journey with massage?

‘I started practising massage in 2009 while I was in Thailand. I first started work in 2011.’

What first interested you about massage?

‘Before I started working, there wasn’t much opportunity to interact with people. The atmosphere around me was more cold and clinical, I didn’t like it. I enjoy working with people, creating relationships and being helpful where I can.’

What is your favourite massage technique?

‘My favourite types of massage are deep tissue and advanced Thai massage therapy because I like to help customers fix their problems. I like helping them relieve their pain. So when they leave, they won’t feel pain anymore.’

What do you like about working at Massage Me Day Spa?

‘I like the easy-going atmosphere. We have a nice boss, good location, lovely and friendly staff. That all help make the job a dream.’

What massage technique do you most recommend to your customers?

‘My preferred massage techniques to perform are strong massages such as Thai massage and Thai oilless massage. With oilless massage, we have to focus more on technique and pressure rather than just rely on the oil to help our massage. Oil massage requires more strength while pressing because you are prone to slipping.’

What massage training have you received?

‘I have spent time learning everything! Thai-yoga, Deep tissue, Fusion, Balinese, Pressure Point, etc… I like learning about massage, all the techniques and how to mix them if necessary. For me, it is important to know everything to be able to best meet our client’s needs.’

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