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Kate N

Kate is a therapist who always tries to give her best to help our clients. She is dedicated and passionate about her work.

Kate’s journey with massage started with her massaging her mother to relieve her pain after a long day of work. Wanting to learn more so she could help her as best as she could. Eventually, she learnt that she could help more people. These days she has made it her profession and always tries to give her best to help our clients.

When did you start your journey with massage?

‘I started practising massage in October 2004 while I was still living in Thailand.’

What first interested you about massage?

My interest in massage first started due to my mother who would always come home after a long and hard day of work, feeling aches and pain. Massage was a way for me to help relieve her stress.

I noticed that massage can help people feel better both mentally and physically. Seeing an opportunity to help people, I started learning massages full time.

What is your favourite massage technique?

‘My favourite type of massage is Thai massage because it has more styles than most other massage types. Thai massage stimulates the acupressure points helping provide relief, this is what gives you a feeling of well-being after the massage.’

What do you like about working at Massage Me Day Spa?

‘I like the team and my boss. I enjoy the laid back and warm atmosphere of the team. We’ve created great bonds and we can always count on each other.’

What massage technique do you most recommend to your customers?

‘I always recommend Thai massage because it’s different and has a lot of benefits. It can help people to relieve physical and emotional tension, alleviate sleep, improve flexibility and more.’

What massage training have you received?

During my courses in Thailand, I acquired many skills in:

  • Thai massage,
  • Reflexology Massage,
  • Deep Tissue
  • Balinese
  • Swedish
  • Hot stone

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