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Welcoming The Month of Love.

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The Best Massage Treatment in Auckland

Massage Me Day Spa has been consistently ranked number one on TripAdvisor for 3 years and counting. So we believe it when we say that we have some of the best massage services auckland has to offer.

A woman relaxing at Massage Me Day Spa

Stress Relief & Relaxation

Whether you’ve hit the gym too hard, or just need time to unwind. Massage is the perfect way to help your boy recover from the tolls of life. And with our affordable pricing, what’s not to love?

Man relaxing getting a massage with eyes closed.

Regular Care for Best Results

Regular massage treatment has been proven to have lasting effects on the body. At Massage Me Day Spa we recommend at least bi-weekly sessions to help keep your body in top condition, all year round.

Woman getting a relaxing massage.

Experience Couples Massage

One of our most popular services, couples massage is the perfect bonding experience for any pair looking to deepen their relationship. Enjoy the luxury of a therapeutic massage, together.

Learn More About Couples Massage

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Man on a massage table getting a massage. Woman getting a massage.
Massage Me owners Bill and Jenny.
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Make the best of every gift opportunity

A Massage Me gift card says something special. Give them more ways to make the most of what they love to do.

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Your Body Will Thank You

It can be easy to forget everything you ask your body to do each day. Everybody needs – and earns – some care and tuning. Book yourself in for a session at one of our locations to take your next steps towards feeling total wellness.

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